Advantages of Joining

Each “Active” (paid) Member Gets a Subscription to the “5-Stringer”

 The ABF first began to charge dues to support a newsletter and directory.  The newsletter has grown in to a substantial twice-a-year publication featuring music, history, photos, book reviews, setup and playing advice, as well as many interesting articles on the 5-string banjo.  The dues continue to support the “5 Stringer” as well as this website.

Download the index to music published in the “5 Stringer."

 Members May Request Music From the Library

 The ABF maintains a library of thousands of hard to find sheet music numbers for classic banjo.  These range from standards to rare manuscripts penned by top banjoists of the past.   The ABF librarian fills requests digitally.  Hard copies can be mailed for a small processing fee. If you are looking for a special number, chances are we have it (and you should too).

 Improve Playing Skills

 A big part of establishing the ABF was to encourage socializing and correspondence among members about the 5-string banjo.  The ABF’s membership includes players at all levels. Someone is always willing to help out with a tough piece of music or banjo setup.

 Learn More About Classic Banjo

 History is a major interest to ABF members.  Being a member and attending rallies provides the opportunity to meet and befriend experts on the history of the banjo.  Members past and present have an unbroken connection with the early history of the banjo and can share stories and information you will not find in any book.  The only way to get it is to show up!

Joining is easy!

Simply download the application, fill it out, scan it, and send it to us.  You can also mail or fax it in.  Dues are cheap at a scant $10 per year (benefits outweigh the cost).

Click here to download the application.

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