Banjo Rallies

First Banjo Rally

Twice a year the ABF hosts banjo rallies—The Spring Rally in late May and a Fall Rally in October.  The rallies are mostly informal but have four major traditions.

 The Round Robin

 The Round Robin is an opportunity to play and share banjo solos and small ensembles for other members.  Rallies are themed and many members use the Round Robin to share music they have learned that corresponds with the theme.  Other members will play a piece they have been working on or enjoy.  The only “rule” is that participants play “Classic Banjo” style on nylon or gut strung 5-string banjos.  Participants will play two pieces of their choice in turn.

 The Banjo Orchestra

 The banjo orchestra is a fun way to experience the very popular 1890s “banjo club” fad.  A banjo orchestra consists of different sized and pitched 5-string banjos that assume the role of band instruments.  Participants are encouraged play in the orchestra.  The standard instrumentation includes piccolo banjos, 1st and 2nd regular banjos, banjeaurines, and bass or cello banjos.

 “Formal” Concerts

 Each rally will typically have a formal classic banjo concert put on by members.  This performance usually corresponds to the theme of the event and takes place in the evenings after dinner.  Members who would like to participate in the concert programs should contact the Program Director.

 Informal Jamming

 There is always plenty of time set aside for jamming, working on new pieces and skills, and socializing.  This is a free time for members to enjoy coming together and sharing Classic Banjo.

 In addition to these traditions there are typically “show and tells” and lecturers/presentations on classic banjo and history.  Members are encouraged participate.  Contact the Program Director with any proposals.

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