Fred Miller Banjo Auction

In an act of immeasurable generosity, Fred & Helena Miller have donated their banjo collection for a silent auction to benefit the ABF.  The auction will be held at the Fall 2017 Rally (that is the one coming up).

The spirt of the donation is to get the banjos back into circulation of classic banjoists.  This is a great opportunity for new players looking to upgrade.

The banjos to be auctioned are below, but first some ground rules to the auction.

The auction will be held on Saturday October 14, 2017.

Only ABF members that are paid up on dues may bid (if you are not a member and are reading this you should join right now).

Dealers are excluded.  If the Millers wanted to sell to dealers they would have done it.  This donation is to put these banjos in the hands of ABF members who play (or are beginners) Classic Banjo.  (A dealer is defined as anyone who bids or buys for profit.)

There will be no advanced viewing.

There will be no off site bidding.  Bid in person at the rally.

This is a cash and carry auction.  Expect to pay in full at the end of the auction.  The acceptance of checks is at the discretion of the treasurer.  We will not hold checks.

Starting reserves will be extremely affordable (we want these to go to players).

All banjos will be sold as is.  The ABF is not a musical instrument dealer.  There will be no returns or warranties.

I would like to thank the Millers for this HUGE gift to the ABF.  The real gift is to the ABF members who will benefit most in getting these fantastic instruments.

No. 1 Electric view 1
No. 1 Electric, view 2

No. 1 Electric - Five String Banjo

No Serial No. present

Ebony Fingerboard

Whyte Laydie Style Tone Ring

26.5" Scale

Five String (Liberty) view 1Five String (Liberty) view 2

11" head

Soft Shell Case

Tail Piece, and 5th string peg 

located in pocket of Soft Shell Case

Fairview Five String, Cole Copy

S/N 3936C

11" head

27" scale

Ebony fingerboard

Soft Shell Case 

(Fred Miller is Fairview Banjo Company)

Fairview Five String, Cole Copy view 2Fairview Five String, Cole Copy view 1

Five String (Liberty)

No Serial No. Present

11" head

27 " Scale

"Liberty" engraved on tail piece

Soft Shell Case

Fairviewe Electric No. 3 Five String, view 2Fairview Electric No. 3 Five String, view 1

Fairview Electric No. 3 Five String


11" head

26.5 " scale

Ebony finger board

Whyte Laydie Style Tone ring

Carved Heel

Tiple View 1Tiple View 2

Tiple: C. F. Martin designed for Wlm. J. Smith of N.Y.

S/N 20915

17" scale

27" length over all


10 pegs, guitar style 

No end pin

splits in top sound board, and bridge

No. case

Fairview Fretless, View 1Fairview Fretless, View 2

Fairview Fretless Five String

No. Serial No.

27" Scale

11" Head

Clean, Very Good condition

Geared Pegs. Beautiful Peg Head

Fiberskin Head

Soft Shell Case

Vega Style N, View 2Vega, Style N, View 1

Vega Style N Five String

S/N 69617

27 1/4"  Scale

11 " head

Fiberskin Head

Geared Pegs

Presto Tail Piece

2 strap attachments on 2 hooks

Neck shows past repairs

Semi hard case (fiber board?)

Stewart Univ. Fav. SN 15594, View 1Stewart, Univ. Fav. SN 15594, View 2

S. S. Stewart Universal Favorite

S/N 15594

27" Scale

11" Head, frosted

Geared pegs which look like friction pegs

Frosted Head

clean - nice

Soft Shell case

Saga Banjeaurine View 1Saga Banjeaurine, View 2

Saga Banjeaurine

No Serial No.

19 3/4" Scale

10 7/8 " Head (Weather King Frosted)

Exc. condition - ready to play

Soft Shell Case 

J. B. Schall, View 1J. B. Schall, View 2

J. B. Schall Five String

No. Serial No.

27" Scale

11 3/4" Head (Weather King Frosted)

Metal inlays on: Finger board, Peghead

Full metal cap on Heel.

Engraved on Tension hoop, heel cap, inlays

and outside of double spun over rim.

Unique tailpiece, 

Geared Pegs

English style soft shell (Fiber board) case 

that opens at tailpiece end for install of banjo.

Stewart Champion SN 18073 View 1Stewart Champion SN 18073 View 2

S. S. Stewart Champion Five String

S/N 18073

27 1/2" Scale

11 1/2" Head (Frosted)

Incised carving on heel

Repair to 5th string peg on the neck

Missing small inlay on Peg head

former owners name? carved in Dowel Stick (Jim Johnson)

Soft Shell Case

Bacon Supertone, 5-string, view 2Bacon Supertone,5-string, view 1

 Bacon Supertone 5-String

S/N 28163

26 1/4”  Scale

11"  Weather King Frosted Head

Fingers Tail piece

Grover Geared Pegs

Tulip Pierced Resonator Flange

Hard Shell Case

Van Eps Recording 5-string, view 2Van Eps Recording 5-string, view 1

Van Eps Recording, 5-String

S/N not found

28 1/2" Scale

12 1/8" Frosted Head with 3" dia. hole

Internal Fixed Bowl Resonator

Original Tail piece, Tension Rod, Hooks & Shoes

Flat Fingerboard - not flush fretted

Hard Shell Case

No Custom Key found for hooks, shoes etc.

Fairbanks Whyte Ladie No.7, SN 25742, 5-string, view 1Fairbanks Whyte Ladie No. 7, SN 25742, 5-string, view 2

A. C. Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. 7, 5-String

S/N 25742

28" Scale

11 1/2" Frosted Head

M.O.P. Buttons and inlays

All inlays engraved

Gold Plated Pegs

Fancy carved Heel

Marquetry on base of Rim

Hard Shell Case

Weymann Style 2, 1500, 5-string, view 1Weymann Style 2, 1500, 5-string, view 2

Weymann Style 2, 5-String

S/N 32119

Probable repro neck - marked 1500 model

Megaphonic body, deep shell

27" Scale

11" Frosted Head on arch-top tone ring

Ebony Arm rest

Original Tail Piece

Paramount Leader, 5-string, view 2

Hard Shell Case

Paramount Leader, 5-string, view 1

Paramount Leader, 5-String

S/N 2888

Repro Neck, former tenor banjo 

26 1/4" Scale

11 1/8" Head

Original Tail Piece

Geared Page Pegs

Hard Shell Case

Fairview Black Laydie, View 2Fairview Black Laydie, view 1

Fairview Black Laydie

No. Serial No.

27" Scale

11" Frosted Head

Ebony Finger Board

geared pegs

Hard Shell Case

Tu-Ba-Phone Copy, Guitar Banjo, View 1Tu-Ba-Phone Copy, Guitar Banjo, view 2

Vega Tu-Ba-Phone Copy, Guitar Banjo

S/N 65385

25 1/4" Scale

11 3/4" Frosted Head

Crowned Finger board

Geared Pegs

Hard shell Case

Haynes Bay State 5-String, view 1Haynes Bay State, 5-String, view 2

Haynes Bay State 5-String (Model 301?)

S/N 33 on body rim and Dowel Stick

25 1/2" Scale

11" Fiberskin Head

17 frets

Geared Pegs which look like friction pegs

Chipboard Soft Case

Whyte Laydie 5-String Copy, view 1Whyte Laydie 5-String Copy, view 2

Whyte Laydie 5-String Copy

No. Serial No.

26 1/8" Scale

11" Fiberskin Head

Ebony Finger Board

A.C. Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. 7, SN 21126, view 2

Hard Shell Case

Shows some rusting & oxidation 

on Metal Parts

A. C. Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. 7, SN 21126, view 1

A. C. Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. 7

S/N 21126

27" Scale

10 7/8" Frosted Head

Carved Heel

M.O.P. Engraved Peg Head and Inlays

Marquetry on Base Edge of Rim

gold Plated Pegs

Hard Shell "Bump” Case

Violins, No. 1 & 2 in  Double case, view 1Violins (2) (From Double Case) needs work, view 1

Violin No. 2 

Unknown Manufacturer

Needs work

Front view

Violin No. 2 

Unknown Manufacturer

Needs work, rear view

9 in. dia. banjo rim and parts, view 19 in. dia. banjo rim & parts, view 2

9 in. dia. banjo rim & parts

9 in. dia. banjo rim, chip board case, view 1

 9 in. dia. banjo rim with chipboard case 

Gibson A-4 mandolin, view 1

Gibson, A-4 mandolin, view 2

Gibson A-4 Mandolin, 

S/N 34988

13 3/4 “ scale

Nice inlay on tuner buttons

adjustable bridge

pick guard

crack in back near tail piece

Hard Shell Case

Fairview No. 3 Tu-Ba-Phone 5- String copy, view 2Fairview No.3 Tu-Ba-Phone 5-string cello copy, view 1

Fairview No. 3 Tu-Ba-Phone 5-String Cello copy

No S/N present

Copy Neck dated 4-21-2000

27" Scale

14" Fiberskin Head


Hard Shell Case

Has original 4 string Cello Neck, S/N 29148

Fairview Tu-Ba-Phone 5-String copy, No SN, view 2Fairview Tu-Ba-Phone 5-string copy, No SN, view 1

Fairview Tu-Ba-Phone 5-String Copy

No. S/N

26 7/8" Scale

11" Frosted Head

Carved Heel

Pie Design Resonator back

Geared Pegs

This banjo is one of a pair in

 a Double Hard Shell Case

Fairview Tu-Ba-Phone 5-String copy, SN-62008C, view 1 Fairview Tu-Ba-Phone 5-String copy, SN-62008C, view 2

Fairview Tu-Ba-Phone 5-String Copy

S/N 62008 C

26 1/8" Scale

11" Frosted Head

Carved Heel

Geared Pegs

Resonator Pie Shell Design 

This banjo is one of a pair set in

 a Double Hard Shell Case

Fairview Tu-Ba-Phone 5-String copies, view 1

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