Group Numbers

The official group numbers are pieces that are generally known to members of the ABF and Classic Banjo enthusiasts.  They are varied collection of music that is suitable for solos, ensembles, or group playing.  During the Round Robin we will play a group number together to start, about half way through, and at the end.  These are also played regularly during jams. The list includes:

(click the titles for the sheet music)

 -       Transatlantique, R. Tarrant Bailey Jr. 

-       The Sunflower Dance (aka With The Tide Schottische), Herman Rowland

-       The Ladbroke March, C. Skinner

-       On The Mill Dam Galop, A. A. Babb

-       California Dance, George Gregory

-       Berkeley March, Brooks & Denton (The theme of the ABF to honor the composer Harry Denton the first Honorary President)

-       Smiler Rag, Percy Wenrich

-       A Footlight Favorite, Emile Grimshaw

-       Whistling Rufus, Kerry Mills

Clarke Buehling plays an arrangement of the Ladbroke March by Frank Bradbury (the standard arrangement is much easier to play).

ABF member Ian Hollaway teaches “The Sunflower Dance."

The Eric Stefanelli Trio plays Transatlantique.

Tony Bryan Plays California Dance.

Rob MacKillop plays Berkeley March.

Clarke Buehling play Smiler Rag.

Greg Adams plays A Footlight Favorite.

Hank Sapoznik and Gret Adams play Whistling Rufus.

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