Useful Links & Resources

Classic Banjo Ning is a more than a message board.  It includes instruction, a huge volume of sheet music, many instruction books, and a way to socialize with classic banjo enthusiasts all over the world.

ABF members Tim & Maggie Mainland are musicians and instructors of music and Classic Banjo based in Athens, WV.  Tim is a composer of classical music and arranger of music for Classic Banjo.  Visit their website for performance schedule and contact information.  There is some great music to listen to as well.

Hal Allert’s Classic Banjo site featuring instruction books and folios, podcasts, information and a streaming radio station featuring rare recordings of classic banjo.

ABF Executive Secretary Joel Hooks’ personal website. Features a near complete collection of Frank Converse’s and S. Swaim Stewart’s instruction books for free download.  He also sells historical pattern banjo thimbles for stroke style or clawhammer playing.

Hamilton College Library’s collection of 19th century “A notation” banjo tutors.

University of Rochester’s collection of S. S. Stewart’s Banjo and Guitar Journals.

Joel Hooks’ Internet Archive page. Featuring many free downloads of banjo instruction books in “A” and “C” notation as well as folios, sheet music, and 19th century banjo periodicals.

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